My D16 Digital Bolex is back in house!

April 2021

My beloved Digital Bolex D16 is now back from some much needed servicing. This super 16mm digital camera is the closest image to film I have ever seen.

Most modern digital cinema cameras have an image that is too clean, or the motion cadence gives a “video” look. That said, not every project need benefit from an old school film look. It’s just a tool I have for the projects that need it.
I have some plans for this camera and look forward to posting some shots in the future.
On the top left is a small video I shot years ago in Tokyo with the D16, then below is some morning footage of some CF118 fighter jets in Kuwait. The colors, lack of banding and true 24fps motion is more than "film like", it's comfortable to look at. And unlike a lot of cameras I've used, it looks best when projected in a theatre. No digital patern noise, moire or jello effect.
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